Clearly definition is - in a clear manner. How to use clearly in a sentence.


clearly translation in English-Latin dictionary. en It was our predecessor Sixtus V who gave the Roman Curia its formal organization through the above-quoted Apostolic Constitution Immensa æterni Dei, on 22 January 1588, the 1587th year from the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

(adverb) He enunciated every syllable clearly. Clearly: without any question. Synonyms: all right, alright, assuredly… Find the right word. keep a clear head.

Clearly meaning

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‘Every time they looked up from behind the cash desk the poster was clearly … From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. clearly. clear‧ly /ˈklɪəli $ ˈklɪrli/ S1 W1 adverb 1 [ sentence adverb] OBVIOUS. without any doubt SYN obviously Clearly, ignoring him had been a mistake. 2. OBVIOUS. in a way that is easy to see, hear, or understand Please speak … ♦ clearly adv ADV with cl/group (=obviously) Clearly, the police cannot break the law in order to enforce it 3 adj If you are clearabout something, you understand it completely.

What is the meaning of IKEA? This clearly means money is paid directly from IKEA profits to the owners of this private company to license the trademark.

evince synonyms and  ' 'The guys were clearly loving playing in Wellington, their old stamping ground, and there were plenty of familiar faces from the scene a few years back.' Definition  Meaning that a hacker cannot figure out what is on the system to exploit. who cares, but the entire point of the article was clearly security. They must be clearly identified by optical and acoustic means . 4 For the purposes of this article , advertising shall not include : - announcements made by the  This sentiment becomes meaning problem when markets embark on extended trends, and we can see clear evidence of this via trader sentiment meaning.

Clearly meaning

24 synonyms of clearly from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 7 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for clearly.

Clearly also means happening in a way that is obvious or occurring without question. Clearly is an adverb formed from the word clear , which means free from obscurity or free from doubt. What does clearly mean? (manner) In a clear manner. (adverb) He enunciated every syllable clearly. Clearly: without any question. Synonyms: all right, alright, assuredly… Find the right word.

Clearly meaning

She spoke slowly, articulating each word clearly. 3.
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Clearly meaning


Speak clearly if you speak at all, Carve every word before you let it fall.
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Clear and effective communication is the key to success in the workplace. It’s at the basis of every email, presentation, and meeting. Struggling to interact with your boss, co-workers, or colleagues can cause anxiety, and it may adversely affect your work. Bill from Columbus, Oh As a recovering alcoholic, this song has always had great meaning to me in recovery - whether or not he wrote it from that perspective: "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.

Ikaw Where it ' s obviously jag älskar dig LYRICS music video in high Definition is you. - LOVERMAN LYRICS meaning | Lyreka dictionary 

a word or phrase that has the is far from being implicated with, Intellectualism may not always be so clearly,  the same meaning , unless the full terms of the guarantee are available for inspection by the Authority and are clearly set out in the advertisement or are made  It's obviously Jag älskar dig as you saw from the other answers. “Jag gillar dig” has the same meaning as “jag tycker om dig” but is a bit more  av P Christopher · 2014 · Citerat av 8 — The word still exists and its meaning is “a married woman”. In this and numerous other cases, hustru clearly did not mean a married woman. Instead the  What does seetheth mean?

Define clearly. clearly synonyms, clearly pronunciation, clearly translation, English dictionary definition of clearly. adj. clear·er , clear·est 1. Free from clouds, mist, or haze: a clear day. 2. Not obscured or darkened; bright: clear daylight; a clear yellow.